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I signed up and ended up on the reserve list, do I already have to pay?
No, you don't have to pay yet if you got on the reserve list. You can pay with IDEAL for the Hajraa Outdoor Tournament. If the registrations are full, this payment option will be closed. If eventually, you are admitted when a spot becomes available, you will receive a message from the organization asking if you can pay as soon as possible.

What is the final registration date?
A final registration date cannot be defined, because: SOLD OUT = SOLD OUT! So it's best to register as soon as possible to prevent you from being unable to participate.

What is the latest unsubscription date?
We do not have an unsubscribe date. However, the final date for the refund of the registration fee is Friday May 22nd. After this date it is no longer possible to get your money back. Of course it is best not to unsubscribe and just join in! :) vrijdag 22 mei. Na deze datum is het niet meer mogelijk om je geld terug te krijgen. Het beste is natuurlijk om je niet uit te schrijven en gewoon lekker mee te doen!

What happens after the registration period?
A lot! The teams that register when all places are already full will be put on the reserve list. If there is still a spot available at your level (lucky peoples), we will send you a message that you can still participate in our tournament.

When will we know which bands are coming?
There is no date set date. For us, this is not known in advance. In the weeks before the tournament the different bands will be announced. The tradition is that every year 2 bands will perform; one on Friday- and one on Saturdaynight at the party. But... maybe we have something new in store for you this year... So keep a close eye on our social media and website to stay up to date! 

To which levels can the different categories of the Mix be compared?

Mix Divisie: 3e + 2e + 1e divisie + topdivisie + eredivisie
Mixed High Class: Promotion Class + 1st Class
Mixed Low Class: 2nd + 3rd Class
Mixed Recreational: Recreational + 4th Class 4e klasse + recreatief

What time do the matches start and until what time do they last?

We aim to start the matches on Saturday at 09:00 a.m. They'll finish around 4:00 p.m.. On Sunday the races will start at 09:30 a.m. and end around 15:00 p.m.. This of course also differs with how many teams you have in a pool.

How many ladies should at least play in a mixed team?

There must be at least 2 ladies in a mixed team.

I have a different question than the questions answered on this page.

If you have any questions, you can always send a mail to buitentoernooi@hajraa.nlCalling is also possible. Please call Chairman Ricardo (+31 6 18331656) or match secretary Jarne (+31 6 40961834)