Wanneer vindt het Hajraa Buitentoernooi 2024 plaats?

De nieuwe datum van het Hajraa Buitentoernooi 14, 15 en 16 juni 2024! De inschrijvingen openen rond februari. Voor de meest actuele updates kun je onze social media pagina’s in de gaten houden!

What is the program for the weekend?

At friday the campings opens at 12 am. There will be DJ's who starts playing at 2 pm to warm up for the party. The party will start at 20.30 and ends at 3:00 at night. On saturday you can sign up for the matches between 8 and 9 pm. The matches will finish around 5 pm. Again there is a awesome party between 20:30 and 3:00. On sunday you can sign up between 8:30 and 9:30. The matches will finish around 15:30.

Are there food trucks and showers?

Yes, there are multiple food trucks on the camping, competition side and at the party location. Besides, there is the availability to shower on the saterday at the competition side.

What is the final registration date?

A final registration date cannot be defined, because: SOLD OUT = SOLD OUT! So it's best to register as soon as possible to prevent you from being unable to participate. mee kunt doen. Wel is de uiterste datum voor annulering vrijdag 17 mei. Na deze datum is het niet meer mogelijk om je geld terug te krijgen. Het beste is natuurlijk om je niet uit te schrijven en gewoon lekker mee te doen.

What is happening when the event is full?

A lot! The teams that register when all places are already full will be put on the reserve list. If there is still a spot available at your level (lucky peoples), we will send you a message that you can still participate in our tournament.







When will we know which bands are coming?

Take a look at our social media to stay updated on the line-up 

To which levels can the different categories of the Mix be compared?

Mix Divisie: 3e + 2e + 1e divisie + topdivisie + eredivisie
Mixed High Class: Promotion Class + 1st Class
Mixed Low Class: 2nd + 3rd Class
Mixed Recreational: Recreational + 4th Class 4e klasse + recreatief

What time do the matches start and until what time do they last?

We aim to start the matches on Saturday at 09:00 a.m. They'll finish around 4:00 p.m.. On Sunday the races will start at 09:30 a.m. and end around 15:00 p.m.. This of course also differs with how many teams you have in a pool.

How many ladies should at least play in a mixed team?

There must be at least 2 ladies in a mixed team.

I signed up and ended up on the reserve list, do I already have to pay?

No, you don't have to pay yet when you are put on the reserve list. As soon as there are places available, you will receive a message of the organization with the payment details. organisatie met een betaalverzoek die met IDEAL betaald kan worden.

What is the opening time of the camping on friday?

De camping opent op vrijdag 14 juni om 12 uur! De DJ’s beginnen met draaien vanaf 2 uur s’ middags dus zorg dat je erbij bent!

Is there a place available to charge phones?

No, unfortunately there isn't. So make sure you bring you powerbank!

I have a different question than the questions answered on this page.

If you have any questions, you can always send a mail to buitentoernooi@hajraa.nl. Bellen is ook mogelijk. Bel dan naar Voorzitter Dennis +31683137796 of Wedstrijdsecretaris Sanne +31645397093.

GEVONDEN VOORWERPEN: zoek de organisatie! Zij hebben een mintgroen shirtje aan. Kan je ze niet vinden? Bel dan +316 50564538  of +316 83397219.