Will the Hajraa Outdoor Tournament 2021 take place?
Of course we are doing everything we can to make sure the Hajraa Outdoor Tournament takes place this year. We are looking at different scenarios, from the original form of the Hajraa Outdoor Tournament to Corona proof scenarios. As a start, we are now looking at a Corona proof tournament with the chance to always add or change elements so that the format is more like the original format, if measures around Corona allow it. But our goal is to offer you at least something this year, even if it is a minimal form.

When will the Hajraa Outdoor Tournament 2021 take place?
The new date of the Hajraa Outdoor Tournament 2021 is September the 4th and/or 5th, with the idea that this will be a Corona proof edition. If the tournament can take place in its original form, we might also include September the 3th. Due to circumstances surrounding Corona, it was unfortunately no longer possible to organize the tournament on the original date of June 12, 13 and 14, so this has unfortunately been cancelled.

How will the tournament look like?
There will be more information about this later. At this time we are focusing on a one-day Corona proof tournament. This means that we will not have a camp site or a party, but only a competition area where we will try to realize the well-known Hajraa atmosphere with fun activities and party elements. In this scenario you can only register for Saturday or Sunday. If the possibility exists and the measures around Corona allow it, there is a chance that we will change things after all. Instead of a one-day Corona proof tournament we could then hopefully organize the tournament more towards its original form.

What measures will be in place during the tournament?
This depends on the measures taken by the government. We aim to enforce the government measures during the tournament. More information on this will be communicated as we approach the tournament.

How will the registration process work?
This year the registration process will be different from other years, this is due to the uncertainties that Corona brings. This year we are splitting the registration process into two different parts. First there will be a pre-registration later the payment of this registration will follow. The pre-registration is a serious reservation per team with a given preference for day and level. Once you have pre-registered you are not yet sure of a place at the tournament. The sooner you register, the greater the chance of getting a ticket for the Hajraa Outdoor Tournament 2021. As soon as there is more clarity on the number of people we can accept, we will start determining the final teams. This will be followed by a payment request for for the final teams to complete the registration. In addition to payment, you will also be asked for the names of your teammates. This is because this year the terrain will not be accessible for those not participating in the tournament. In order to ensure that this is enforced, we need information from all team players.

How will the payment work this year?
As soon as we have more clarity on the number of people we will be able to accept at the tournament, we will start determining the final teams based on which teams have registered first. When pre-registering, no payment is required yet, but payment request for the final teams to complete the registration will follow. The entry fee for this year is €120,- per team and is therefore slightly higher than previous years. This is all because, after the cancellation of last edition, we had a financial setback. We also need to be able to organise different scenarios corona proof which costs more money, we hope you understand!

What happens to my registration if the tournament is cancelled by Corona?
If you have only pre-registered but have not payed yet, there is no problem and all pre-registrations will be cancelled. If you have already paid, it may be that the Hajraa Outdoor Tournament will withhold a part of the entry fee to cover the costs incurred and ensure the continuity of the tournament. Of course we try to avoid this at all times so that we can simply refund the entry fee. More clarity will be given when we reach the tournament dates, but of course we hope it does not have to reach this point.

What happens if a teammate gets Corona right before the tournament?
Then it is always possible to email us so we can look for a solution. In most cases it will be possible to replace this person with another player.

What happens if our whole team gets Corona right before the tournament?
Then it is always possible to email us and we will try to find a substitute team. If this is not successful, there is a chance that we will have to withhold the entry fee to cover the costs incurred and ensure the continuity of the tournament.

When do pre-registrations open and what information do I need to provide?
The preregistration opens on the 30th of April. For the pre-registration you need to fill in the following data: personal information, team name, number of team members, the level you want to register for and your preferred day.

Can you register as an international team?
Sure you can, you can just follow the regular registration process. There is a chance, however, that the Corona measures will restrict entry to Dutch teams only. In that case there is a chance that your pre-registration will not be confirmed. We can't say anything about this at the moment and it will all depend on the Corona measures at that time.

Can I register only for the tournament in original format?
No, you are signing up for the Hajraa Outdoor Tournament 2021 no matter what scenario we will organize.

I have a different question than the questions answered on this page.
If you have any questions, you can always send a mail to buitentoernooi@hajraa.nl. Calling is also possible. Please call chairman Marit +316 13817818 or match secretary Merijn +316 83545114.