Regulation NSK

All universities and polytechnics (‘hogescholen’) in The Netherlands as well as foreign institutes for higher education can participate in the Dutch Open. Participation in the Dutch Open is bound to some conditions of which you find a short summary below. Be sure to also read the full conditions in the tournament regulations. Each institute or city can participate with (a maximum of) one men and one women’s team. All players of a team participating in the Dutch Open have to study at the institute for which they participate. Also, players whom have graduated less than a year ago from the institute are permitted. The players have to be able to identify themselves as (old) student of the institute for which they participate, for example by means of a student(ID)card or a diploma. This can be checked during the tournament by the officials.

It is also possible to stay on the campsite where all the other participants of the Hajraa Tournament spend the night. Teams have to provide for their own sleeping gear and tents. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be obtained at the tournament site.

!Attention: the regulations below are from 2015 and are only for example purposes!

General provisions:

The tournament will be played according to the last publicized general provisions of the NeVoBo (Dutch Volleyball Federation).

Specific provisions:

  1. The tournament takes place on Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of June 2016 at the sporting grounds “De Hondsheuvels”, near the terrain of the Eindhoven University of Technology. The tournament will be played on Saturday and Sunday during the day.
  2. Qualified for participation in the Dutch Open Grass Volleyball are students which are registered at a full-time daytime education for higher education in the first phase, as well as ex-students that satisfied this condition (maximum) a year before the Dutch Open. It is necessary to be able to show a student(ID)card during the tournament if asked for.
  3. The Dutch Open Students Championship Grass Volleyball 2016 is a part of the 38th Hajraa Outdoor Tournament; nevertheless the Dutch Open will be played separately from the other tournament classes.
  4. Two parts will be played: the Dutch Open for women and the Dutch Open for men. From the rankings of the two parts an overall ranking will be composed by means of a beforehand-determined distribution formula.
  5. Per city or per institute of higher education a maximum of one men’s and one women’s team can participate in the Dutch Open. Any extra teams from an institute can participate in the other tournament classes of the Hajraa Tournament.
  6. An institute for higher education is hoped to delegate its best team to the Dutch Open; therefore the guideline for the level of competition in the Dutch Open is the level of Dutch division. Teams have to be able to show that they represent an institute for higher education.
  7. There will be played in a group-system followed by a system of elimination with, depending on the number of participating teams, quarterfinals, semi-finals and/or finals. The tournament leaders have the right to avert from this if they think this is necessary.
  8. Registrations are valid as soon as the registration fee has been received.
  9. Registration forms are to be filled in fully, signed and sent to the tournament secretariat. The registration period closes at Saturday the 14th of May.Later changes in the names of the players from the team are possible if these changes are reported before the start of the tournament. Also, the players have to show their student ID card before the start of the tournament.
  10. The registration fee amounts to 100 per team. Included in the fee are participation in the tournament and access to the campsite. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be obtained at the tournament site at one’s own discretion. Before Saturday the 14th of May the registration fee has to be transferred to: Postbank/ING Bank, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.BIC (Bank Identification Code or Swift-code): ABNANL2A (International Bank Account Number): NL79ABNA0624559149 of E.S.V.V. Hajraa, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Be sure to mention the registration number and team name. Don’t forget to mention ‘our cost’ at the transfer form, in order to be sure that bank administration costs are paid by the subscriber and E.S.V.V. Hajraa receives the full registration fee of 100 euro.
  11. The tournament committee can not be held responsible for the loss or theft of personal belongings during the stay on the sport site, camping site, or party site.
  12. The tournament leaders have the right to avert from the above rules in extreme cases.