Regulation NSK

Universities and colleges in the Netherlands, as well as foreign institutions of higher education can participate in the Dutch Student Grass Volleyball Championship. Participation in the Dutch Grass Volleyball Student Championship is subject to a number of conditions. Below is a short summary of those conditions. Also read the full terms and conditions in the tournament regulations. Each institution or city may participate with up to one men's and one women's team. This team represents its own college town.


All players on a team participating in the Dutch Student Grass Volleyball Championship must be studying at the institution for which they are participating or have graduated from that institution less than one year ago. Players must be able to identify themselves at all times as (former) students of the institution for which they are participating, for example, with a college card or diploma. This can be checked before or during the tournament.

It is of course possible to spend the night at the campsite, where other participants of the Hajraa outdoor tournament also spend the night. You have to bring your own sleeping equipment and tents. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available at the tournament/campsite.

General provisions:

The tournament will be played according to the last publicized general provisions of the NeVoBo (Dutch Volleyball Federation).

Specific provisions:

  1. Het toernooi vindt plaats op vrijdag 14, zaterdag 15 en zondag 16 juni 2024 op sportpark “De Hondsheuvels”, nabij het terrein van de Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. Op zaterdag en zondag wordt er gedurende de hele dag volleybal gespeeld.
  2. Qualified for participation in the Dutch Open Grass Volleyball are students which are registered at a full-time daytime education for higher education in the first phase, as well as ex-students that satisfied this condition (maximum) a year before the Dutch Open. It is necessary to be able to show a student(ID)card during the tournament if asked for.
  3. Het Nederlands Studentenkampioenschap Grasvolleybal 2023 maakt onderdeel uit van het 43e International Hajraa Outdoor Tournament; however, the Dutch Student Championship (NSK) Grass Volleyball is played separately from the other tournament classes.
  4. Two parts will be played: the Dutch Open for women and the Dutch Open for men. From the rankings of the two parts an overall ranking will be composed by means of a beforehand-determined distribution formula.
  5. A maximum of one men's and one women's team per city or institution of higher education may participate in the Dutch Student Grass Volleyball Championship. Any additional teams from an institution can participate in the other tournament classes of the Hajraa Outdoor Tournament.
  6. An institute for higher education is hoped to delegate its best team to the Dutch Open; therefore the guideline for the level of competition in the Dutch Open is the level of Dutch division. Teams have to be able to show that they represent an institute for higher education.
  7. There will be played in a group-system followed by a system of elimination with, depending on the number of participating teams, quarterfinals, semi-finals and/or finals. The tournament leaders have the right to avert from this if they think this is necessary.
  8. Registrations are valid as soon as the registration fee has been received.
  9. Registrations are valid as soon as the registration fee has been received.  zondag 14 mei 2023. Eventuele latere wijzigingen in de namen van de spelers van het team zijn mogelijk, mits deze wijzigingen voor aanvang van het toernooi worden gemeld en de spelers voor aanvang van het toernooi een collegekaart hebben getoond.
  10. Het inschrijfgeld bedraagt 140 euro per team. In het inschrijfgeld is inbegrepen de deelname aan het toernooi en overnachting. Ontbijt, lunch en diner kunnen naar eigen inzicht op het toernooiterrein worden aangeschaft. Het inschrijfgeld dient voor zondag 19 mei te worden overgemaakt naar NL04 RABO 0158 2294 87, ten name van Stichting E.S.V.V. Hajraa buitentoernooi te Eindhoven onder vermelding van ‘Open NSK’, de naam van de instelling en ‘dames’ en/of ‘heren’.
  11. The tournament committee can not be held responsible for the loss or theft of personal belongings during the stay on the sport site, camping site, or party site.
  12. The tournament leaders have the right to avert from the above rules in extreme cases.