NSK History

The Open Dutch Student Championship Grass Volleyball is an event recognized by Student Sports Netherlands where student teams from the different university and HBO cities compete for the title of Open Dutch Student Championship Grass Volleyball.

This tournament is a separate part of the International Hajraa Outdoor Tournament. The Dutch Open has been organized in 2001 for the first time, where it has replaced the (International) Students City Competition. This City competition has been held since 1994, where the first university competition was set up during the 16th Hajraa Tournament.

Since the competition is an official (Open) NSK, recognized by Student Sport Netherlands, the title Open Dutch Student Championship Grass Volleyball is therefore certainly a very hotly contested and valued title.

Winners of the Open NSK Grass Volleyball


Year Overall Competition men Competition woman
2023 Utrecht Utrecht Eindhoven
2022 Universiteit Utrecht Wageningen
2019 Utrecht
2017 Utrecht Nijmegen Utrecht
2016 Amsterdam Universiteit Rotterdam Universiteit Amsterdam
2015 Enschede
2014 Eindhoven Universiteit Amsterdam Universiteit Eindhoven
2013 Amsterdam Universiteit Amsterdam Universiteit Amsterdam
2012 Utrecht Hogeschool Utrecht Hogeschool Nijmegen
2011 Israël(Haifa) Den Haag (Haagse Hogeschool) Maastricht
2010 Israël(Haifa) Den Haag (Haagse Hogeschool) Israël(Haifa)
2009 Den Haag Enschede Den Haag
2007  Utrecht Utrecht Leiden
2006  Eindhoven Rotterdam Utrecht
2005  Nijmegen (HAN) Den Haag Tilburg
2004  Nijmegen Nijmegen Eindhoven
2003 Wageningen Nijmegen Hogeschool Wageningen
2002  Timisoara (Roe) Eindhoven Timisoara (Roe)


Winners of the Student Cities Competition

Year Overall Competition men Competition woman
2001 Nijmegen Eindhoven Wageningen
2000 Eindhoven Eindhoven Utrecht
1999 Enschede Eindhoven Enschede