History Hajraa

The first edition of the Hajraa Outdoor Tournament was in 1979, and started with 80 teams to celebrate Hajraa's 20th anniversary. This first edition was organized by honorary member Ton Cramer. The second and third edition were organized by Win van der Bijl and Walter van Hulst. The three bars at the party location have been named after those three chairmen. Over the years the outdoor tournament has grown considerably, with over 500 teams of different nationalities on more than 100 fields!!

From next edition on, a part of the match fields will be named after Jo van Ham, the former vice-president of the Eindhoven University of Technology, and long-time supporter and fan of the outdoor tournament.

Over the years, partly due to the growth of the tournament, many things have changed, also regarding the parties and side activities. For example, in 2014 we exchanged the party tent for the Metaforum Markthal on the university campus. In 2018 a third bar was added to the party at this location. Since 2015 we have also invested in beach volleyball; in 2018 the Eredivisie-beach was even held and Dutch and international world leaders such as Keizer/Meppelink, Gestel/Wesselink and Elsa/Liliana were able to show their skills.