Welcome to the pre-registrations! - Ticketsale starts on Friday 30th of April at 12:00

This year the registration process will be different from other years, here a short explanation is given: Please read it carefully!

The pre-registration is a serious reservation per team with a stated preference for day and level (in the case of the Corona Proof scenario). Only teams with minimaal 8 en maximaal 12 spelers. Dit jaar is het terrein alleen toegankelijk met een aanmelding.

Once you have pre-registered you will be put on a list and at this point you are not yet sure of a place at the tournament. The sooner you register, the greater your chance of getting a ticket for the Hajraa Outdoor Tournament 2021! Please note: registering the same team more than once is useless and confusing for our registration system. Doe dit dus a.u.b. niet! Mocht je zelf meerdere teams willen inschrijven, neem dan contact op met onze wedstrijdsecretaris Merijn via dit mailadres: wedstrijd@hajraabuitentoernooi.nl or via our contact page!.

As soon as we have more clarity on the number of people we will be able to accept at the tournament, we will start determining the final teams based on which teams have registered first. When pre-registering, no payment is required yet, but in the start of July a payment request for the final teams to complete the registration will follow. The entry fee for this year is €120,- per team and is therefore slightly higher than previous years. This is all because, after the cancellation of last edition, we had a financial setback. We also need to be able to organise different scenarios corona proof which costs more money, we hope you understand!

If you still have questions about the pre-registration process, please check our FAQ page or contact us via our contact page!!

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    September 3, 2021 - September 5, 2021
    11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Details Price preregistration Select:
Men Premier Leagueshow details + €0.00 (EUR)  
Women Premier Leagueshow details + €0.00 (EUR)  
Gents 1st Divisionshow details + €0.00 (EUR)  
Ladies 1st Divisionshow details + €0.00 (EUR)  
Gents 2nd Divisionshow details + €0.00 (EUR)  
Ladies 2nd Divisionshow details + €0.00 (EUR)  
Gents 3rd Divisionshow details + €0.00 (EUR)  
Ladies 3rd Divisionshow details + €0.00 (EUR)  
Mixed Divisionshow details + €0.00 (EUR)  
Gents Promotion Classshow details + €0.00 (EUR)  
Ladies Promotion Classshow details + €0.00 (EUR)  
Gents 1st Classshow details + €0.00 (EUR)  
Ladies 1st Classshow details + €0.00 (EUR)  
Mixed High Classesshow details + €0.00 (EUR)  
Gents 2nd Classshow details + €0.00 (EUR)  
Ladies 2nd Classshow details + €0.00 (EUR)  
Gents 3rd/4th Classshow details + €0.00 (EUR)  
Ladies 3rd/4th Classshow details + €0.00 (EUR)  
Mixed Lower Classesshow details + €0.00 (EUR)  
Mixed Recreationalshow details + €0.00 (EUR)  
Students Recreationalshow details + €0.00 (EUR)  
Company competitionshow details + €0.00 (EUR)