Company Competition

Are you searching for an ideal teambuilding activity with your work? And do you like to network with other companies?

Join the business competition this year! This is a one-day volleyball tournament which will take place at Saturday the 17th of June 2017.

There will be a battle between different companies to win the first price while enjoying a drink. At the end of the day there will be a fantastic party!

If you want to joy this competition, you need a team with at least 6 persons, volleyball experience is not necessary. Upon subscription you must select ‘’Bedrijfscompetitie’’ when you choose your level.

Do you like the concept, but would you like to compete with your own collegues? That is an option! When you subscribe as a company with 4 teams or more, we can set up an internal competition for you. I this suits you, register all the teams in the ‘Bedrijfscompetitie’, send an email to sponsor@hajraabuitentoernooi.nl and mention you would like an internal competition.

We like to meet your team at this legendary event!

For more information please contact us at buitentoernooi@hajraa.nl