Newsletter #1

Let’s get started! The very first newsletter is here, just before we enter 2014. A year full of new opportunities, new loves and a new Hajraa Outdoor Tournament. We already made our New Years’ resolutions: this Hajraa Outdoor Tournament will be even more memorable than ever before!

The date for 2014!

The date for 2014 has been set: the Hajraa Outdoor Tournament 2014 will take place on the 23th, 24th and 25th of May 2014. Even the weather gods whispered to us: setting the Hajraa Outdoor Tournament to this date gives us the highest chance of lots of sun! We are looking forward to having you on our tournament.

Subscription module

The subscription module is almost finished. As soon as the finishing touch is done, we will open the subscription module and everybody can sign in for the Hajraa Outdoor Tournament 2014!

Digital media

There is a chance you already noticed, but for those who didn’t: we have been very busy upgrading all our media. Now it is more modern and stylish, got refreshing looks and adds transparancy to all our activities. So like our new Facebook page, and have a look on our brand new website.

New committee

The new committee of the Hajraa Outdoor Tournament 2014 has been formed. With the strength and mind of nine people, we are accepting the challenge of making this tournament even bigger, cooler, better and more spectacular than previous years. Want to know who is in the committee this year? Click here to find out.

Happy holidays!

The holidays will start in less than two weeks. It will be the time of Christmas songs that will be stuck in your head for hours, lots of family visits and the accompanied Christmas dinners, and of course the booming New Years’ Eve. We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Disclaimer: The christmas gifts picture is taken from Alan Cleaver (Flickr). Original picture is found here.

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