Brief description of the Hajraa Buitententoernooi

Since its first edition in 1979 with 80 competing teams the Hajraa Outdoor Tournament has grown to one of the biggest European volleyball tournaments on grass. Considering the 400 teams of different nationalities playing on more than 100 grounds together with more than 4000 other volleyball lovers and party people on one big camping site and two great parties with more than 15000 litres of beer, this event has grown to almost legendary proportions!

In one week time the sports area and the campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology will transform in the biggest volleyball event of Europe with two full days of volleyball, Saturday afternoon theme-activities and both on Friday and Saturday evenings the biggest and most spectacular parties you can think of with live bands every night.

Besides a group of participants of our neighboring countries we also welcome participants from the rest of the world. In 2000 we welcomed a delegation from Taiwan and in 2001 Romanian students won the final of the Open Dutch Student Championship Grass volleyball. In 2007 we got surprised by the participation of a team from Canada! In 2010 Haifa University won the overall Open Dutch Student Championship and they continued their success in 2011.

This well known volleyball tournament with international fame is one of the biggest in Europe and is organized by students of the Eindhoven Student Volleyball Club Hajraa. Hajraa is a club that is active in the regional and national volleyball competition and organises lots of activities that are related to volleyball and having fun.

Location Sports fields Eindhoven University of Technology (NL)
Tournament Type Outdoor, grass
Match type 6×6 on courts of 9×9 meter
Levels Recreational (Gentlemen, Ladies, Mix) and competition 4th class – premier league (Ladies and Gentlemen)
Registration fee €90

E.S.V.V. Hajraa

On the 23th of february 1959 the first principles of a volleybal club are set and the name Hajraa is born. Where the name Hajraa comes from remains a mystery for many people. In the early years during a competition game there was a very loud and enthusiastic supporter. His encouragements drew lots of people’s attention. The Hungarian words phonetically “Huj Huj Hajraa” made such a big impression on the members, that from that point they called their association Hajraa. By the way, the Hungarian sounds were produced by the father of Iwan Garay who would later become a trainer of Hajraa. The club has grown ever since and reached many successes. In season ’61-’62 Hajraa even reached the Dutch highest national level.


At the moment there are 7 men’s teams and 8 women’s teams participating in the competition. The first ladies team and the first men team are both playing in the third division!

Hajraa Outdoor

In 1979 the first Hajraa outdoor tournament was organized to honor and celebrate 20 years of existence. This event would become the largest outdoor volleyball tournament of Europe, and to this date this event is still organized. The tournament attracts about 4000 players from many countries nowadays.